Product Description

Designed for seclusion and mental health applications, Medfoam furniture is manufactured entirely from a solid block of high density foam. Manufactured in Australia using High Density Foam providing maximum comfort with long life durability, the advanced foam cell construction gives the product the ability to rapidly recover it's shape bouncing back time after time.

Sanitized treated foam is a standard feature with Medfoam. This process inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungal attack. Flame Retardant is optional with the Medfoam range which complies with BS 5852 Standards adding safety to the list of features.

A wide range of upholsteries are available including polyurethane vinyl coated fabrics.


Seclusion, mental health, corrections


Heavy duty vinyl. Royal blue standard, other colours available on request.


  • Height: 450 mm
  • Depth: 915 mm
  • Length: 1980 mm


  • Integrated angled headrest