Entrix 5

Product Description

The Entrix is an air alternating mattress overlay system with internal pressure monitoring and low pressure alert. It is designed for low to medium risk patients and pressure ulcer treatment up to stage II. It includes all essential features to ensure optimal therapy and is most suitable for homecare and nursing home environments.


Power Unit

  • Dynamic / Static modes - offers both dynamic and static functions to meet individual patient's needs
  • Adjustable weight - selectable weight setting to ensure optimal pressure relief
  • Internal pressure monitoring - an integrated electronic pressure sensor which monitors the mattress' internal pressure 24 hours a day to achieve optimal internal pressure and ensure maximum pressure relief
  • Low pressure alert - both audible and visible alarms to notify medical staff when the pressure sensor detects an abnormal drop in the system's internal pressure or when a power failure occurs.


  • Rapid deflation facility (CPR) - in case of emergency, the CPR deflates the entire mattress within seconds
  • Micro-ventilated air cells - allows for great air circulation and optimal patient temperature regulation from shoulder to waist
  • Quick release coupling - allows for fast patient transferring and provides an easy connection between power unit and mattress
  • Weight capacity - patients up to 150 kg
  • Two way stretch coverlet - washable, fully water proof whilst providing excellent moisture permeability
  • 16 x 5" air cells, with ventilated cells from shoulder to waist
  • Vapor permeable top cover, 100% nylon with PU backing


Power Unit - 29.5 x 22.5 x 12.0 cm

Mattress (inflated)
Standard - 200 x 90 x 13 cm
Narrow - 200 x 82 x 13 cm