Cari Chair

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Product Description

The Cari Chair is an air alternating system that is designed to provide therapeutic function to prevent pressure ulcers while patient transfer from bed to chair. With the advance pressure redistribution technology, patients are no longer confined to the bed. The rechargeable battery backup keeps the system operating for up to 8 hours. Cari Chair cushion is compatible with a variety of mobile devices including geriatric chair, recliner or wheelchair.


Power Unit

  • Comfort Setting - Offers adjustable comfort level (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5)
  • Intelligent Pressure Sensing (I.P.S.) - respond to patient movements on cushion by automatically adjusting internal cushion pressure.
  • Static Mode - Offers static function to meet individual patient's needs
  • Panel Lock - Control panel settings can be locked for safety and to prevent tampering. For protection, panel automatically locks if control unit buttons are untouched for three minutes
  • Visual and audible indicator - indicates when low pressure occurs (with mute option)
  • Digital LED screen - allows input and display of comfort level, cycle time and battery level

Cari Chair Cushion

  • Twenty-Six air cells - Offers pressure relief and therapy for patient's sensitive tissues
  • Quick release coupling - For fast patient transferring and provides an easy connection between power unit and mattress
  • Cushion Cover - Washable, fully waterproof while providing excellent moisture permeability
  • Weight Capacity - Supports patients up to 250 lb / 113 kg

Optional Cushion for Wheelchair

  • Skid proof pad - Helps avoid possible sliding
  • T-Shape foam base - Helps patients to sit more comfortably